The purpose of a personal Instagram feed

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If you read this (i.e. if anyone reads this, ever) you probably came here because of Instagram. Instagram is it.

Facebook gets you picture comments from your family, destroying the reputation you want to build. Snapchat is… well… thought someone just sent you a comment on your great spit-shined boots shown off in your snap story? Bah! Surprise, it’s a dick! Up to personal taste if that’s a pro or con. Twitter is for big companies and presidents. But Instagram, that’s where we, the people with the low self-esteem shopping addiction insufficient recognition exciting life, get to shine.

If the tassel loafer isn’t enough…

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I’m very outspoken about my opinion and normally, people would probably be happy if I just shut up. Never the less the stars have aligned and I got asked if I’m interested in trying a shoe of my choice with a healthy discount if I give my feedback about it (yes, I got a discount and no, I got nothing for free nor money). While that’s nothing out of the ordinary for many, I’m not a fashion blogger and I don’t jump on “buy our stuff and post about it, how bow dah?” messages. What peaked my interest though was the brand of the shoe: Velasca Milano.

Because everything is still not enough

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To be content with little is difficult; to be content with much, impossible.

– Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Technology oriented hobbyists know a dark problem: GAS. No, not what happens after you had Mexican food; we’re talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome. The desire to always have newer and better gear, sometimes maybe also just something different, seeing how the grass is always greener… But is it only limited to the mentioned scenario? I think in today’s world, we have “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” regarding most things. My girlfriend counted my shoes and I was convinced she miscounted but damn, do I have many shoes. At the same time I’m nursing a wish to have shoes I’m lacking. Gaps want to be filled!

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In today via Instagram

Q: To what extent have your elegance and the way you dress helped you in your career?

A: Literally none at all. I work in a very conservative industry and the majority of people at suit&tie level meetings wear ill-fitting black suits.

Shortened for focus. Maybe I should do a post one day: how to get away with being the office peacock

Detox works, no one hunts Pokemon while driving and unicorns live

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Yasss! Fit tea, detox and juice diet! If you are an avid Instagram follower of all the fit chick channels that’s all that there is to a healthy lifestyle and an aesthetic body. Maybe also squats. There’s no Photoshop, those boobs are natural grapefruits and of course no one would cheat on their followers to make money from sponsors.

In case you didn’t notice it yet, I’m about to get a sprained neck from vigorously shaking my head. All my friends know I’m all for having fun and trying crazy things (I’ll soon post about my experiences with Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting [PSMF]) but sometimes I’m just baffled at how blindly people run behind fitness trends if famous people preach them. After I found people in my direct social circle talking about how they want to make a juice detox, I felt the need to air with a rant post instead of just slapping them.

Hello (cruel) world

Am I a blogger? Nah! I don’t think I am in any position to share my vast knowledge in <insert random field> nor to educate anyone out there. Seeing how I’m not famous either, no one will probably every read this.

This is a virtual diary, my place of zen… mainly because my “crap I should have done it different” déjà vu keeps me from using an actual, physical diary made from paper. I shall be injust, subjective and curse a lot. Try to make me stop.

Pipso Calypso