If the tassel loafer isn’t enough…

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I’m very outspoken about my opinion and normally, people would probably be happy if I just shut up. Never the less the stars have aligned and I got asked if I’m interested in trying a shoe of my choice with a healthy discount if I give my feedback about it (yes, I got a discount and no, I got nothing for free nor money). While that’s nothing out of the ordinary for many, I’m not a fashion blogger and I don’t jump on “buy our stuff and post about it, how bow dah?” messages. What peaked my interest though was the brand of the shoe: Velasca Milano.

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In today via Instagram

Q: To what extent have your elegance and the way you dress helped you in your career?

A: Literally none at all. I work in a very conservative industry and the majority of people at suit&tie level meetings wear ill-fitting black suits.

Shortened for focus. Maybe I should do a post one day: how to get away with being the office peacock