Detox works, no one hunts Pokemon while driving and unicorns live

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Yasss! Fit tea, detox and juice diet! If you are an avid Instagram follower of all the fit chick channels that’s all that there is to a healthy lifestyle and an aesthetic body. Maybe also squats. There’s no Photoshop, those boobs are natural grapefruits and of course no one would cheat on their followers to make money from sponsors.

In case you didn’t notice it yet, I’m about to get a sprained neck from vigorously shaking my head. All my friends know I’m all for having fun and trying crazy things (I’ll soon post about my experiences with Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting [PSMF]) but sometimes I’m just baffled at how blindly people run behind fitness trends if famous people preach them. After I found people in my direct social circle talking about how they want to make a juice detox, I felt the need to air with a rant post instead of just slapping them.