Ok, this is getting on my nerve. As some of you know, I was in a mild car accident this summer. Short version:

On the 20th of June I was leaving work early (birthday, yay!) and got stuck in a traffic jam. A truck changed lanes before the gap even got big enough and bumped my beautiful Ulfredo from the back. Smashed glass over the lights, battered back bumper, bent tailpipe and some damage to the paint job on the trunk. He said it’s my fault (how!?) and we called the police (didn’t exactly have a good feeling at that point, unshaven Romanian truck driver in flipflops doesn’t scream legal reliability to me), they said it’s his.

So now 10 weeks fast forward and I’m still waiting on the insurance money. That is not really all that surprising but let’s come to the point that I find unsettling.

It’s not that he claims that it wasn’t his fault. It’s not that his insurance is unwilling to pay because they’re not sure it was his fault. No.

They simply don’t respond.

So instead of claiming innocence, blaming Pipo with his agile roadster, they just ignore us. The German office that represents the opposing insurance and translates correspondence just simply can’t get any reply or statement from Romania.

How sucky is that? Did we reach the point where, even though we have insurances and all, nothing can be handled without lawyers? Can people only stand to what mistakes (or in this case just not paying attention) they made if there’s an excess of pressure? We’re not talking about trying to get away with murder, we talk about stating how an accident happened and then letting the insurances (involving the police report) fell their decision.

I’m deeply disappointed with mankind once more. I hope he drives into a tree while wearing his flipflops. Yep, I’m petty.