Why are we? Where is this going? What is the purpose of life? Do you want fries with that?

Well, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to answer all of these. Not yet, that is. But we can start out with the basic: who is Pipso Calypso?

Like for most people, there is no one single answer to this question. You’re one person with your family and another with friends, while a completely different one at work… and of course always a wealthy baller with amazing lifestyle on Instagram.

Pipso Calypso is, as you may have guessed, not my real name. It’s my identity when I don’t have to pretend that I have all my shit together. Like Clark Kent ripping off his shirt and turning into Superman, Pipso Calypso is when my “Sure, I am going to have a look at that.” turns into “Wrong bish, wrong, no fucking way!”. This isn’t “When cultures colide”, this is when attitudes collide!

Just as you eventually learn that your parents had no idea what they were saying when answering your questions as a child, you also learn that “we value your honesty and openness” is a phrase that all people say but no one actually means. This diary here is my outlet for the odd thoughts I have all day long, putting them on virtual paper instead of throwing them into people’s faces.

So here some random facts about me that might give you a basis for understanding my posts better:

  • My professional background is a mix of business information systems and marketing
  • I’m not in the fashion industry or anything, I just like dapper clothes
  • I hate sport and I was chubby most of my life
  • I’m a German citizen living in Germany and working in Switzerland
  • I speak German, English and some Spanish (pero como un campesino bruto)
  • If you’re full, chances are I want to eat the rest of your food, just as I’ll never decline desserts